Management Team

Artur Sousa · CEO

"Market knowledge, work experience and the challenges we face with our customers have made us create tools to fill the gaps we have identified and whose impact on project costs and results were unacceptable to us, based on our Know-how. Detail, thoroughness, rigor, certification, market listening and commitment to quality have been the decisive strategy for the growth of our client portfolio and strengthening the bonds of trust and reliability in the market. "

Valter Lerias
Architect & Procurement

"The profession of architect implies much more than the simple design and qualification of space. After all, we all want to draw freely, tell stories through spaces that convey the most varied kind of sensations to those who will experience them. Here, as architects, we elevate ideas and poetics from paper into the construction of a physical space ."


João Evans
Architect & Project Manager

"At DIMSCALE I have the possibility of helping our clients to achieve their objectives, with constant technical improvement. I embrace the projects with all the attention and affectivity in order to fulfill the clients desires and dreams."


Mariana Hipólito
Marketing & Communication

"We don't stop here! It's a roller coaster of new fresh ideas always ready to come out, we work at an accelerated pace, there is no time for secondary thoughts. The moment is here, now. We work so that our presence is felt here, and across borders. "


Pedro Rodrigues
Architect & Quantity Surveyor

"The profession of architect is stimulating. Here we work with defined procedures, however, we go further, exploring new perspectives, always focusing on our clients and their aspirations and with a high commitment in quality."


Inês Mota
Architect & Quantity Surveyor

"In architecture the analysis, involvement and dedication allow us a better knowledge of the projects. Here learning is continuous. We work according to methods that achieve the goals of our clients and a positive result for all."


Jorge Wong
Architect & Quantity Surveyor

"The work of an architect is not known within limits, and rigor and discipline, together with a great capacity for innovation and evolution, making a great commitment to our customers. The limits of your imagination, making the impossible a reality."